Whether it be for film, TV or theatre, writing well is hard. Very hard. Rounded characters, interesting plot, consistent tone, appropriate pace, original ideas, snappy dialogue...the list goes on. So you need all the help you can get. And the sooner the better. Arts and Languages provides feedback on your TV, film or play script and runs courses in the London and Kent. The script reading service is run by S.J. Horan in collaboration with Sam Hall (writer, producer, dramaturge) and Lisa Wilkinson (writer, dramaturge, drama teacher) is supported by other writers, directors, dramaturges, TV/film producers and BAFTA judges in London.

For a short introductory period, we will critique the first ten pages of  your play, film or TV script, book or documentary idea  free of charge. This feedback may be all you need, but we can  provide further feedback of a new draft or the remaining work for a small fee. The service is completely confidential - and, if we think it has merit - we may be able to help you market it. Please contact me via phone or email for a confidential, free and friendly chat to discuss your needs and how to submit work.

Script Consultants

Joining script consultants S.J.Horan and Sam Hall is the very talented Lisa Wilkinson.


“Lisa is a talented playwright who has an exceptional command of language. She has an obvious passion for theatre and literature, which comes across in her extensive knowledge of plays, writers and dramatic form. Having worked in a group setting with Lisa, I've seen how she offers insightful and supportive feedback to other writers, encouraging them to develop their work further and to approach things from a different creative prospective”  Kimberley Andrews - Playwright

Feedback policy

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create a piece of work. And it takes only a second to destroy it. We don't want to do this: the feedback we provide is intended to be constructive at all times. Sent to you via email it will contain suggestions about what we think works, what doesn't work and what could be improved. Sometimes we ask questions, either because we think what you've written is not getting through or because we feel something is missing. It will be for you to fill in the gaps. We aim at all times to help and nurture your work. You can use the points that resonate with you, ignoring others that don't hit the spot. We've already helped others in various stages of their creative career and believe we can help you too.


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