Welcome to Arts and Languages run by S.J. Horan
polyglot, university lecturer, writer and film-maker

Arts and Languages is a new and exciting virtual home for learning and the arts. It emerged out of a passionate belief in the benefits and pleasure of life-long learning and the arts – whether you are directly involved in them or merely enjoy them as a spectator.

It is run and supported by educators, linguists, translators, writers, theatre directors, producers, documentary makers and literary agents. It is intended for all kinds of lovers of learning and the arts – whether currently in formal education, independent learners, arts lovers or arts professionals.

We aim to build a community of like-minded people who enjoy life-long learning and the arts and who may wish to enrol in a course, send us their work, or simply exchange ideas or make their own small contribution.

At Arts and Languages you will be able to:

  1. Access information about our French, Spanish and Italian language courses.
  2. Access information about our Distance Translation and Play Translation Courses – both currently from French to English.
  3. Send us your play, TV script or film and get FREE feedback from Arts and Languages.
  4. Send us your play, TV script, short story, poem or film etc for other members to comment on.*
  5. In the future, join our webinar discussions about films, plays, exhibitions or concerts etc you have seen/attended recently and would like to discuss with other culture-loving people. Days and times for these discussions will be posted a few days in advance.