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Why are we doing this?

Because knife crime is an open wound that keeps erupting on the streets of the UK. Because it ends in a tragic waste of lives. Because it causes so much suffering.

Some stats

Knife crime up by over 50% in the last decade. Yes - that’s insane.

  • Post pandemic, knife crime increased by 11%
  • 49,991 offences with a knife or sharp instrument in the 12 months to June 22
  • A 38% increase in offences recorded in the West Midland - the largest percentage increase in the county in the last year

How are we doing it?

By looking at the issue from a different perspective. By imploring young people to confront the devastating consequences of knife crime.

please watch this video...


Who is the audience?

Mainly, young people. But also, anyone, anywhere, who thinks using a sharp object or knife to maim and kill others is OK.

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“Violence is treated as if it’s a fact of life, especially in urban areas”

Distribution: how will people get to see it?

We aim to get into schools via the heads of PHSE. And into cinemas and International festivals via a DCP. We also aim to post it on You Tube with French and Spanish subtitles.

How much do we need?

Provisionally, we are aiming for between £10,000 and £20,000.

Who will be in it?

With a small cast of characters from diverse backgrounds, we hope to get the likes of Arsema Thomas, Gemma Arterton and Lucien Laviscount. Plus, a cameo role for the likes of Marcus Rashford.

Please help us get this powerful film made. Go to:


“Cinema has the power to transform lives”
– Steven Spielberg